Jessica + Andre | The Mitten Building Photographer

Over a year and a half I ago I met Jessica and Andre. I’ve photographed a few of their friends weddings in that past. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to photograph their wedding as well.

Jessica and Andre got married on May 10th. The date of Mother’s Day. A special day for them and everyone else. Their ceremony and reception took place at The Mitten Building in Redlands California. I’ve photographed so many places in Southern California, but I had not been there before. It’s a unique location. Right outside is a small unused train track. The inside is reminiscent of an old train house.

There were many unique things to their wedding. Their two boxers were a great touch to their ceremony. I have just started going through their photos. I just scratched the surface, and pulled a few photos that I like. So enjoy as always.

“Stay At Home Dad” Project

This past year has led to many changes in our little family’s life. After moving back to Southern California, my photography business has taken a step back. For the most part I have become a stay at home dad, which is what I’ve done since Johanna was born. Changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. are all duties that have been associated with mothers for generations. My entire life I’ve heard nonsensical remarks that dad’s can’t and won’t master these tasks. That is utter nonsense. For those dad’s out there that doubt that they can be the parent that stays home and succeed, I am here to say that you can.

I decided to create this project as a self portrait of myself as a stay at home dad. The process of these photos is fairly difficult, and I’m always trying to get more photos as they come. It’s taken over 6 months to get where I am now. It is my intent for the viewer to see through my eyes. The photos are not staged. When I see a situation that I can take a good photo I just pull out the camera and flashes. The majority of the time I never get the photo I want. Once in a while I get a gem of a photo.

This entire project was inspired by a photo I took years ago with my wife Jolene. It’s the photo of me giving up my xbox. The last photo of this project comes full circle. Enjoy, comment, and share on Facebook. Hopefully it will inspire some dad’s out there.

Baby Leia | Beaumont CA Newborn Photographer

Recently I was asked to take some photos of Lorraine and Robert’s newborn Leia. We photographed their wedding last year. I haven’t been keeping up with our blog with our past events, but since one of our last posts was their wedding, I thought I would start back up by posting some photos of their newest addition. Leia did great. Slept pretty much the entire time. Not many photos of her eyes open, but I love some of the shots we got. Here are a couple from the many we got.

Deborah + Lee | Moreno Valley Wedding Photographer

Years ago when I started wedding photography, one of my first weddings was a really small wedding. So it’s nice to get back to where I started and do another small wedding again. I had never met Deborah and Lee until the day of their wedding. That’s not something I normally do, but when needed it’s something I will do. Deborah and Lee were married at the United Methodist Church in Moreno Valley in a little flower garden on May 8th. The ceremony included the two of them, two witnesses and their Reverend.

I had planned for a rainy day as we woke up to lots of clouds. Luckily though, the clouds cleared, the temperature was great, and their little ceremony was perfect. I wish them all the best of luck, and below is a few shots we took of their day.

Kara + Chase | Catta Verdera Wedding Videographer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video. Kara and Chase were married on October 5, 2013 at the Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln California. Only a few short minutes from our house. These past two months have been very busy. Jolene got sick 5 times, and myself twice. Holidays came and went, a short vacation in the mix, albums sent out, and finally Kara and Chase’s video. I filmed this wedding by myself, which is a bit different from our norm. Catta Verdera is a great location for people looking for something near Lincoln. So without further adieu this is their highlight video. We hope you enjoy.

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